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Snugglez / Apr 11, 2016

I'm sorry if anyone experienced downtime last night between 3:30EST and 3:55EST, Had to restart the server box due to it being on non-stop for the past 35 days and was starting to toss errors left and right.

Snugglez / Apr 02, 2016

Sorry if anyone experienced some down time on our Inf-N server, There was a small network issue that occurred last night and wasn't able to resolve it till I noticed it this morning, everything should be up and running now.

turnhama270 / Feb 18, 2016

Worlds effected are:Every Dimension besides the Overworld.Including:Twilight ForestNetherThe EndThe Deep DarkResets will be set on the first of every month!This can be changed by the owners at anytime Thanks For reading